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"Taco Lucha in Manhattan, KS", from The Little Apple Life Website:

Taco Lucha in Manhattan, KS is one of my favorite spots in town! With its amazing atmosphere, fantastic drinks, and amazing food, I am always ready to meet friends at "Lucha!"
It seems tough to imagine Aggieville without Taco Luchca, but what is even harder to imagine is that I am just now posting about it. Taco Lucha is one of my favorite spots in town and after one trip here, you will know why! For locals, students, and those passing through, Taco Lucha in Manhattan, KS provides one of the most amazing dining experiences in town!

Opened in 2001, Taco Lucha is the brainchild of Randy Boller, Rob Goode, Jason Humes & Julie Haynes. The original concept was much smaller than what you see today, and I know we are all thankful for that! Locals know that you better get there early and if you don't, be prepared to wait! Taco Lucha offers a variety of seating from booths, to high-top tables, bar seats, and an outdoor patio, but it is always busy!

What makes Taco Lucha so special is its amazing atmosphere, its fantastic drinks, and of course the amazing food!

Let's start with the atmosphere, pulling inspiration from South of the Border, Taco Lucha somehow perfectly balances the vibe of the restaurant with its warm colorful lights, Southwest flair, and Luchador masks adorning the walls! I know if you are just reading this and have never been there you might be questioning me, but I promise it totally works and is such a fun and inviting space you will always want to come back. The outdoor patio can be enjoyed almost year-round, with large fans helping to keep it cool for summer and a giant fireplace and blankets to keep patrons cozy during the colder months.

I would be totally amiss if I did not speak to the staff at Taco Lucha, simply put, their staff is phenomenal, and that is an understatement! The staff is well trained, attentive, and honestly always seem to be moving while helping each other to help create an amazing experience for diners! If I wasn't lumping staff into the atmosphere, the staff here could be its own reason to come!

Next up are the drinks at Taco Lucha! While they have the usuals you would expect, their handmade margaritas are a must for those who simply love a well-mixed marg! The variety of tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave syrups really help to set their drinks apart! One drink that will be on almost every table, especially during the summer, and is probably one of the most popular, is the Nancy! When we have had friends and family come to town, Taco Lucha is always one of our stops and if they ask us what their drink order should be, we simply tell them to ask for a Nancy! LOL. They never regret listening to us as soon as they have their first sip!

Now, last but definitely not least, the food! If you are looking for a place that can literally please every member of your party and do it consistently, Taco Lucha is one of the best places in town!

While their menu is based on South of the Border cuisine, it's the variety of their menu that makes this possible. Looking for something light, you can order the ensalada, or if you have a hearty appetite, grab one of their burritos, like "The Beast"! While I love everything on the menu, my order is usually pretty consistent. My appetizer choice slightly varies depending on who I am with, from the Black Bean Dip, Trifecta, and their Queso Fundido! Then I am on to those tacos, I will take a Fish Taco, Black and Blue, and the Tinga, unless it is Tuesday! If it is Tuesday, then, if you know, you know, but if you don't, one of those tacos is swithced out for the Peanut Butter Steak Taco. Every Tuesday this taco is the daily special and it has a true cult following in town. Much like the Peanut Butter Burger at Taco Lucha's sister restaurant, So Long Saloon!

The daily specials are posted on the Taco Lucha social media pages, but if you are looking to really get the inside track, there is also a secret menu that you can find if you know where to look. Cheers!

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